SSM has a team of expert chartered accountants who does tax and financial planning for every type of organization. We basically deal with Statutory Audits, Credit Appraisals, Internal Audits, Taxation and Consulting, Accounting/ Undertaking Outsourced jobs, Bank Audits etc. Our acute solutions have always made easy for our clients to take important organizational or business decisions effectively which has saved them from overheads and unnecessary expenses giving them maximum return on investments. We have expertise in the area of international tax planning, corporate structures, financial instruments and mergers and acquisitions. We offer a full package of compliance services for corporations, employers and employees. Both national and international companies come to us because of our professional reputation and the importance of that reputation to each enterprise and to its shareholders, bankers and other interested parties. We offer our services for the accounting needs, tax related issues and also various other services. An organization’s accounts might not be clear at times which makes it difficult for the company to determine its profit or loss for a fiscal year. We help the companies get their accounts detail cleared. We also help them maintain a clear accounts record. Filing of taxes by organizations can be improper at times also saving taxes is essential for some companies so we are helping them to file their taxes properly and also help save some amount of tax. We also offer for various other chartered accounting services. Legalities such as loans non-repayment, filing of taxes and other monetary dues which organizations fall into when they are unable repay the loan or file the taxes properly. Our services are affordable.